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Your Adoption Journey

Michelle C's Story

Dear Mr. McDaniels:

I am sitting here watching DMC:  My Adoption Journey on VH1 Soul and I am in tears.  I absolutely relate to your experiences, as I was also born in New York in the early 70's and put up for adoption through the New York Foundling/Catholic Charities.

I have such respect for your quest, and even though the show is not over, I am so touched emotionally.  I think you handled yourself beautifully during filming and I bow to you for keeping it together during some of the more emotional scenes.  I would be a WRECK!

I think it was incredible that Wendy Freund of New York Foundling was able to sit with you and talk to you on camera.  I have a letter from her about my personal situation, and the documentary was able to help me place a face with a name.

To have the resources to afford the services of Pamela Slaton is also a wonderful thing.  May you always have the resources to provide for all of your needs:  your family, your work, your emotions.

My personal "beef" with the State of New York is how the whole "sealed record" policy is in effect.

It is my hope that those laws are changed. 

I wish you all the best with EVERYTHING.  Thank you for sharing your story.

All my respect,
Michelle C. P.

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