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Your Adoption Journey

Kimberly's Story
I am 40 years old and I was adopted when I was 3 days old. I located my birth family 2 1/2 years ago. My story goes like this...
It was never a secret. I always knew I was adopted but never really cared. My mom and dad are the best parents. I was about 30 years old when I had the pleasure of working with Dawn. Dawn was 38 and had some health issues. After months of doctors appointments it was finally discovered that Dawn had breast cancer. It was pretty far along. I urged Dawn to contact her mom and siblings whom she had not spoken to in many years because of her parents' divorce. She made contact only to find out that her mother and sister both had cancer but beat it because it was found in the early stages. I went to Chemo with Dawn and watched her fight, but the cancer won. Dawn died at the early age of 38.
It was now January of 2005, I would turn 38 that April. It scared the hell out of me. Who was I biologically linked to? Could I have cancer in my family history? These were questions I needed answers to. I deserved answers to. I started searching the internet, the hospital, all the registries, no luck, only brick walls. Till one day a wonderful person gave me a name of a person who could help me. I called that person and had my information within one week. Florida is so difficult to get information. Records are sealed. But as everyone knows there is always a way. With a lot of luck I found it in a short time.
I made the call to Staten Island, New York, the first person I spoke with was my aunt. I asked for my birth person Laura. She was not there. My aunt asked if I who was I and was I a friend of Laura's. What do you say? I started to cry and told her my name was Kim and my birth date is April 2, 1967. She immediately started screaming and crying. Asking if I was okay and where was I? She contacted my birth person and broke the news. I have since been united with my birth person, thanking her for having me and making the decision to give me up. It was the right choice. I also discovered that I have 3 wonderful siblings. I have a niece that looks just like me. I have a different birth father than my siblings.
My step father (my siblings dad) is awesome. He has welcomed me and my children with open arms. I could not be happier that he has accepted me and loves me. My three siblings all came to Florida for my 40th birthday. I continue to see and communicate with my family in New York.
I have a different birth father than my siblings. My birth father is my uncle's best friend. Just this August I met him for the first time. He is still a little freaked out considering he never knew about me for 38 years. He has not told his wife about me for fear of how she will handle things. I understand and I am thankful for the face to face meeting and being able to look at his eyes. They were just like looking at my own.
Through all of this my mom and dad have been so supportive. They have welcomed my aunt and siblings into their home. They are truly amazing!
We need to continue to try to change laws to help us be able to locate birth families so we have medical information. If things become more than that then it is a bonus. 
Thank you for your inspiration,

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