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DMC wins an EMMY for Adoption documentary

Last night (Monday, September 24, 207) Darryl “DMC” McDaniels WON AN EMMY for his “DMC: My Adoption Journey” documentary with VH1!!!

Here's what D has to say...

Being nominated is one thing, but to win is crrrrraaazy!!! Like I said with the nomination, this makes it official! It is now confirmed that the responsibility of being put here to be DMC, blessed with the culture of Hip Hop as my foundation, the journey has not ended, but now has just begun. DMC means Deliver My Children! And I'm gonna do exactly that!  We put the most vulnerable children in custody of state and federal government and these children are being forsaken and left to die. There's mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse and when they age out of the system at 18 and even before starting at the earliest of ages, the only options they have is substance abuse, self abuse, acting out violently, and suicide!!!  But not anymore! There's going to be someone there reppin to the fullest for them! I'm bringing truth and justice for all these kids now, and for the ones already laying in the graves! And for my fellow adoptee’s, I am going to remove the guilt and the shame from the triad, birth-mom, adoptee and adopted parents, and thus will remove the pain. If you thought this documentary changed a multitude of lives, my next project will change lives again, change laws, change history and change the world!


Submit your own adoption story and help D continue his journey.

Here are the other nominations who DMC’s documentary went up against:


- CBS news 60 minutes/I'm Mike Wallace tribute - CBS
- Cinemax Reel Life/Favela Rising - Cinemax
- P.O.V/Lomax The Songhunter - PBS

Here are some photos from the night...

DMC with VH1 staff

(all photos by Erik Blam)

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