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Your Adoption Journey

Amy's Story

     First I want to thank DMC for doing his journey for everyone to see.  It showed both my boys that it happens to famous people too. First I have Zack, he is going to be 13 this April.  I have had Zack since he was 6 yrs old.  Then there is Freddy he is going to be 10 in July.   Zack knew his birth parents Freddy does not remember them, and that is actually for the best.  His past was not the best.
     Zack's parents wanted  a better life for him, so the gave him up.  That was hard at 6 to be told you will not come home to live with us ever again you are going to live with other people and call them mom and dad.   Zack did wonderful with us.  He did have some issues, some like you went through only difference was he was only 6.  Freddy was addicted to drugs, crystal meth and pot.  He was also deprived of oxygen at birth.  His mother was only 15 when she gave birth.  She was a baby herself.  Freddy is doing really good for all that he went through at a young age.  He has some anger issues and he hates school, but what kid doesn't.
     I really think alot of parents that realize that they can't raise the child and instead leaving them for dead they give them to a family to raise.  That is the most wonderful gift that they can give their child, is a life.  In your case, you have done very well for yourself.  I made my boys watch your journey.  I explained just because you are adopted does not close the doors to anything you want.  You can be anything, you are still a person.
     I had to take the full role of the parents.  My husband of 15 years was killed 21 months ago,  that was really tough on the boys, but if it was not for my kids I don't know if I would be out of bed yet. 
     I understand why your mom did not tell you that you were adopted, back then it was kept quite.  I have kept a contact with both of my boy's birth families.  Like you they will have questions, they may want to meet their moms again.  Plus, they know that they have more family and that it's not a bad thing.  It just means that they have more people that love them.
     Once again thank you for sharing your story with the world, it shows my boys that adoption is a good thing.


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