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Your Adoption Journey

Stephanie's Story

     I had no idea that you were adopted and it is awesome!  My husband and I struggled with infertility for 13 years before we were blessed with a beautiful daughter.  It happened quite suddenly as we had only talked about adoption on and off for years.  When my daughter (now 7) was placed into our arms, it was the most wonderful moment for both my husband and I.  I will never forget seeing my husband crying at the nursery window.  I knew then that we were a family forever.  We were blessed a second time about 2 years later when our son was born.  He is a great joy and the "boy" I have always wanted.  I give thanks to the Lord above each day for them!! 
     We are a lucky family in that we have open adoptions with both our children's Birthmothers and with my daughter's Birthfather.  It gives me great joy to share our children with them.  They are just that "Our Children".  I would never want an adoption any other way.
     Our children look nothing like my husband or I.  We stand out in a crowd, you could say.  But like you said, "We are all just one big family."  I believe that 100%

Thanks for sharing your story with America!

Stillwater, Oklahoma

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