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Your Adoption Journey

Christy's Story

     My story is from the other side of the adoption journey. I was 19 when I became pregnant and I did not find out until after my boyfriend had broken up with me. I was in denial for many months and finally had to tell my mother. I was so ashamed because my mom was a single mom and tried her best to provide for the both of us. However, she had battled alcoholism her entire life and I knew that I could not bring a child into my world where I also had to take care of my mother at times. The only choice I had was to put him up for adoption. A wonderful couple from across the country was overjoyed at the new gift that I was able to give them. I even got to meet them and see pictures of the family that Robbie would call his own. I knew that he would have a great life and could only hope that he wouldn't hate me for giving him up one day.
     My mother and I went through some terrible times after the adoption...she began to drink heavily and eventually it took her life. I am so thankful that Robbie did not have to go through that devastating time.
     When I watched your adoption journey on tv with tears in my eyes and saw how grateful you were to your birthmom for allowing you to become the person you are, it gave me hope that one day Robbie will understand that I did the best for him. He will turn 16 this year and I know the day is coming that I get a phone call or a knock on my door. And thanks to your positive story, I will be ready.

Christy in Louisiana

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