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JACKYL Collaborates With RUN DMC Legend On Single, Video


JACKYL is ending 2010 with a bang by collaborating with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame legend Darryl "DMC" Matthews McDaniels from RUN DMC on the single "Just Like A Negro".

DMC will perform the extremely powerful song with JACKYL on stage during the band's late fall and winter tour.

"Darryl is an inspiration and it's an honor to sing and share the stage with him, especially having such a impacting message in our song, 'Just Like A Negro'," said JACKYL vocalist Jesse James Dupree.

In a recent interview with FMQB, DMC stated about his collaboration with JACKYL, "The message of the record was incredible. But the thing that really caught me was how incredible JACKYL is. When you listen to the music on that track, the riffs on that record and the drums and the bass line, and Jesse is one of the best vocalists I ever heard.

"When I heard the rest and I heard the way Jesse was singing, I and listened to the lyrics and stuff like that, I heard how good their delivery and production and all the players on the record were, I was kind of intimidated because without me on the record that’s one of the most incredible records I’ve heard in a while. So I put it up in the studio and it was overwhelming. Even my engineer dude was like, 'Yo, dude! Who the hell is this? You hear that riff? Who’s this cat singing?' So I actually had to listen to the record a couple of times because I didn’t want to just put a corny rap on such a dope record. And thankfully all the things that I included ended up working real well with the song."

He added, "What we [RUN DMC] did with AEROSMITH created a genre with artists like KID ROCK, LIMP BIZKIT, or even RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. You've got real musicians and real rock and rollers, and like Kid Rock always said, 'RUN DMC and AEROSMITH had a baby and I popped out.'

"When RUN DMC originally did rock and roll, not the typical disco rap that was out before us. I mean, all of that music had a big influence on us, but when we started making our records we always kind of knew that if hip hop is done with the right intentions, hip hop and rock and roll can be brothers and sisters; it's the same feelings but different expressions. That's why when I listen to what Jesse was saying I was able to translate those feelings into a hip hop type of rap song. If you listen to the song all the way through, we're on the same level and that's what’s important."

The single is available for purchase at and comes with a limited-edition "JACKYL featuring DMC" poster. It can also be downloaded from iTunes.

Fox News recently aired a story on the making of the "Just Like A Negro" video. The report as well as the final clip can be viewed below.


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