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Tougher Than Leather

Run’s House

Well I rehearse and come out first and I'm number one
Not the best, not the worst, 'cause my name is Run
And I'm second, 'cause the record that you want to see
An MC (like D) is like the place to be
And have you heard that he is third, and his name is jay
I run the A to deuce, and Jay's the trey

Well the rap of the year and this is the year of the rap
And I'm never drinking beer, champagne out of a tap
And I'm cold, making money on a regular basis
Putting out, knocking out Sucker MCs faces
Traveling 'round the world with my mind at ease,
No Calvin Kleins, just wearing Lees
Got credit in places I've never been
'Cause the rhymes I write are in the top 10
The top of the charts is where I stay,
But I also chill around the way
In Hollis, Queens, is where I stalk
On the street with the beats is where I walk
When I perform, many hearts are warm
I'm better known, as the quiet storm
I don't talk too much, but I got beef
When I kill MCs I cause grief
Devastating Mic Control is my main goal
My name is Darryl, and his name is Joe
The master of music, his name is Jay
Leave us alone, and let us play
We give it up, and turn it loose
We're not like Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose
Sucker MCs like punks who are picking flowers
Go for yours, we went for ours

Start at three, end at six
Jam-Master Jay is on the mix
For all the young ladies, and all the chicks
We got all of the girls on our tips
Don't buy gold lighters, only Bics
Rock all microphones just for kicks
Sucker MCs I will be snuffin
And my pocket I'll keep on stuffin
When I say I'll beat 'em up, I won't be bluffin
They can't beef, 'cause that ain't nuthin
But it don't matter, my pocket gets fatter
I've got more hats than the Mad Hatter
I'm rapping with the mic, drive a caddie, not a bike
Drive the rhymes in your face, and end your life
D's an MC with the rhymes, no mistake every time
Never ever going low, 'cause they only climb
And Jay's the DJ with cut, move your arms, and your butt
So D take the mic up (say what?)
I will not stop or will not quit
Because somehow at the top when I'm on the tip
That's as high on the top as you can get
And you best believe I'll be on it
So before you decide to try me out
Gonna let you all know what I'm all about
I'm a fresh MC who's on his way
To be an MC with the most to say
And to all those out there that don't know me
I go by the name of DMC
In the place to be, I will MC
The Master of a Ceremony 'cause it's easy to D
Control of the Mic is so Devastated
That all other rappers you will soon be hatin
No matter what race, creed or color
When we perform they don't get duller


Mary, Mary

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

Had a fly girl Flo, called her honey
Next thing she spent up all my money
Left me in debt, you and your girl's dizzy
Stopped movin crack but you're still gettin pissy
You could call me everyday God sent
Like you was Lois Lane and I was Clark Kent
I spend and I spend and you spent and you spent
Now my house with a mouse is a roach with a tent

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

Mary Mary Mary you cold thumb suckin
Lookin for you, but you keep duckin
I wanna find you, I gotta tell you somethin
So just be quiet and don't say NUTTIN!
Mary Mary Mary why you out there stuntin?
Supposed to be with me, but not you're FRONTIN
We started out new, you used to be true
Now you're buggin, what's wrong with you?

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

Now.. This girl Mary I knew so well
I met her on the road in a fly hotel
High on the heels and never fell
(Clubs and the pubs is where she dwelled)
Story about Mary was well to tell
She seemed to scheme for a dream to sell
She spent a night locked in a cell
I knew Mary well cause she Raising Hell

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

It's not Mary who was quite contrary
Talkin bout Mary who was always in a hurry
The things she needed were necessary
She did not need a busted cherry
True and blue just like a blueberry
Ask if she's crazy and I'll say very
Livin' in a house that's out on the prairie
I worry about Mary cause Mary is scary!

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?
"Mary, Mary.." I need your huggin'

"Mary, Mary.." Why ya buggin'?


They Call Us Run-DMC

Now that I waxed the crowd, I'm feeling proud and loud
Shoulda screamed on a sucker, but I stepped and bowed
Now that I'm back on track, I'll attack for fun
Darryl Mack and pack is never wack or lack they call us..Run-DMC

I'm strapped with rap when I attack, I'm stunning
Darryl Mack on track and I'm off, and running
Don't sneak this peak, because I keep, on taking
The lead with speed, and records keep on breaking
I pop and drop, all opposition
And pop hip-hop, cause I'm the top, position
I ill and chill, cause my skill, is super
For a mill I thrill, but I'm still, a trooper
I'll slay and stay til there are none
So romance and dance and prance, a to the chants of..Run-DMC

Well I stomp and chomp, all competition
Make break and take you cold on, a mission
Raise hell, excel, and tell you, who's winning
I'm boss, you lost, before the game, first inning
Let's go and flow, to the rhymes, I'm saying
Cause it's fun for Run to see the crowd, obeying
Mic be checking I'm wrecking we're never second to none
So let's snap and clap and tap, to the to the rap of..Run-DMC

I'm not the king because I sell the most
I just bring the laws cause I'm the host
I got a crown I wear So what it mean? I rule
I come to town they stare Cause D.M.C. is cool
Hear the beats because, the crowd, is on it
Drop this beat and pause, the tables are turning
Break backs on track and I can even act
So max, relax, new jacks, and get the facts from..Run-DMC

They call us on the phone
They call us all alone
They call us where we roam
They call us when we're home
They call us up to par
They call us in our cars
They call us in the bars
They call us superstars!
They call us..Run-DMC

"Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay..."

Beats to the Rhyme

DJ's and MC's, coming up next is the one and only
Incredible, Jam Master
Yo, back up off the ropes, punk

Beats to the rhyme, of the rhyme I just made
Party at the jam and tonight the lights fade
Scooting for the loot until we all get paid
So let's go (that was good, huh?)

Yo! D that's me, the King, the MC
Rhyme get mine on the t-o-p
Can another MC ever f*ck with me? (Hell no)
It's like the A the B to the C
It's easy as (1, 2, 3)
(He's Jam Master Jay, I'm D.M.C.)
So hit it Run (that was good, huh?)
It's time for we to cease (So what?)
So rhymers speak your piece
Why? Cause you can't touch (Jam Master Jay)
Cause he's number (1, 2, 3, 4, hit it)
Dance to the rhythm, the rhyme I cold flow
Chance that we give em is what I told Joe
For these routines like 1983
It's just a little reminder
So those suckas is kinder
A little message from (Run-D.M.C.)

Cuts for days will amaze and faze
But will make you sad to tan all the dance a ways
Got the mic, the man, the master plan
About to ram the jam
(Know I am?) Goddamn!
Spins he wins, clocking endless ends
To his friends he lends, lotta joy he sends
Jay lose today, this is what I say
(d*ck in your mouth all day)

(that was good, huh?)
My beats were played and made rhymes laid
Jay DJ'ed and I got paid
Made something out of nothing (Yo D that's true)
Yes my brother I'm a do it for you
I roam in the zone of the microphone
And I'm on the throne but I'm not alone
Got chrome of steel and not of stone
I'm known to be prone and make your momma move

Time for the rhyme so let the stars shine
Shame for the fame and the name combined
Run at the front but you can gimme your ring
Show I gotta go so now a word from the King

Hardcore, rhymes galore, giving you more
And like I said before...
Beats to the rhyme the name of this jam
D that's me and that's who I am
Rocking on the mic cause you know I can
You gotta understand I don't give a damn

Jay here a play today I must say
Hooray to the way that is A-OK
As we wax the tracks all the DJ's play
With (gimmie your mouth)
A little (gimmie your mouth)
A big (gimmie your mouth all day)


Radio Station

Radio station, on vacation
Wonder where Run was, damn be patient
Comin' to the rescue, people won't let you
Forget about my DJ, and my crew
Pickin' up the pieces, nephews and nieces
Chocolate in a peanut butter cup, called Reese's
Took a little break, for goodness sake
Gotta chill, get ill, cold fishin by the lake
Take a brain off rappin', 'member what happened
Listen reminisce and cold keep your foot tappin'
Darryl and Joe cause the DJ's Jason
Hear no fear, dear radio station

Radio station, around the nation
Run, D, and Jason, made a dedication
To those listenin', we're not dissin' em
Recording and rewarding so we won't be missin' em
Keep on playin song, LP playin long
Jay, D, and Joe, keep the radio stayin' on
I always say to Joe, turn on the radio
Jam Master Jay will know, that is the way to go
While Jay's DJin', I will be sayin'
Rhymes that are playin', FM or AM
On hot rotation, a winning combination
AM, FM, music modulation
Rappin' on the mic is my occupation
That's what I like, dear radio station

AM, FM, thought that I left them
Back and exact never wack no more jet set
Run made a return, D makin' me earn
Jay gotta play on the radio we burn
Hotter than a fire, kings goin' higher
Told you on the album, that was prior
Two that's tougher than, nobody rougher when
Run-D.M.C., throwin' down like a Bufferin
Relievin all pain, receiving much gain
Remaining entertaining while we entertain
For the black, white, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Haitian
Hear no fear, dear radio station

D, Joe, Jason, radio station
Saw that, format, you be placin'
Records, other than, Run, go cover and
Put em on your list, people hear and discover them
Take or break the tunes that make it
D gotta be on top and shake it
Keep on rockin' it, ain't no stoppin'
My alliance droppin' science on the radio poppin' it
One top ten again, Run's gonna win again
Jay's gonna spin again, on the FM again
I coulda and shoulda and woulda, wrote a letter
But a speech that'll reach the streets is much better!


Papa Crazy

Papa was...Papa Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy

Now Papa don't give a damn
Or saying thank you ma'am
Eating fillet mignon
Lobster tails and crab
He eats the finest (food)
He ain't the kindest (dude)
And then to put it to you straight
He's crazy, lazy and rude
His temper's boiling hot
Whether you like him or not
Not to mention about his mansion
And his big old yacht
He never gave me a dime
Or even spent some time
And that's why I had to cold
Write this rhyme about

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy

Now papa living like a rich man up on the hill
Yeah, my daddy gotta Caddy, funky fresh Seville
He got diamonds (and furs), for his (and hers)
And a cat in the hat that just chills and purrs
Now he eats and grubs, then rocks beats at clubs
While mamma making nuthin' while she sweeps and rubs
You want to know about his dough, how he got paid
Well, the labs, (the ass), got sprayed (and laid) because

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy

Papa hang with (crazy) people (crazy) times of the night
Running 'round with (crazy) women, b-b-b-but that's alright because

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy

Yo Run my papa was crazy, crazy as can be
And my mamma said that he left me when I was three
But my mamma never told me he was out of his mind
Drinking wine all the time, never earning a dime
He didn't care where he slept, or where his clothes where kept
He was so in debt somebody broke his neck
And on the day that papa died, they wrote on his grave
That papa died a bum, but he got brave because

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy
Papa was...Papa Crazy
Papa was...Crazy

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa Crazy

Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa Crazy
Papa...Papa Crazy
Papa Crazy


Tougher Than Leather

Unconceivable, unbelievable
Grammar like a hammer information receivable
Sent by the lord, here and abroad
With words that were thought they could retort
For force because that makes Run the boss
So get lost, because I just tossed the poss
Make way today, and if I may, I say
I make pay with Jay, so get away OK?
Gaining weight, I ate the whole plate to date
Never make the break, I don't state the stake
Just keep the keep, don't sleep for weeks
Get peeps to leap, and I'll bleep the jeep
Put down the clown, get 'round the town
I've bound the sound, and I've found the crown
Get paid and laid, not jade afraid
'Cause I stayed and made, not a man to fade
Gotta group the troop, gotta shoot to shoot
Shoot hoop to scoop, or a scoop to loop
Going off and on, not soft to con
Just black and back to go back and run
Go to school and cool, not drool or pool
Gotta soul and goal and cold and old jewel
Upset the best, I met, met a jest
Just lest the pest, and I am the best
Gotta punch the crunch, cold munch the munch
Not Grady or the lady from the Brady Bunch
Got Gs and Lees, like Ds and Ts
Charge Bs for freeze, or Ds with ease
No dope to cope, just good to go
There's hope the Pope, big nope for nope
Quite clever and ever, but together forever
Run-DMC, and we're tougher than leather

Strong and mighty, hard as can be
Perception of the life were as strong as D
Every Friday I'm writing, write for what's right
It's even deeper in the night, I'm keepin with my mic
I gotta go for broke, and I ain't no joke
I'm gonna yoke the choke, 'cause of the suckers I smoke
Rush and crush, leave 'em in the dust
Bust the bust, those scum who mess with us
Only strong survive, and the weak will die
As long as I'm alive, I'll keep my head up high
'Cause we're strong in body, and smart in mind
I was born to bind, as the gift to mankind
I pump with jump, never givin no slack
I be killin' the villain, and I chillin' (you're black)
I'm not a bum, I'm not dumb, it's me you work from
I'm the king to my beat 'til my kingdom come

'Cause I'm rough and tough, call huff and puff
Don't bluff the stuff, got enough to muff
Don't long it on, go long on song
Go on and on, just the best be done
Put preach and teach, with a speech to reach
All streets in each, with beats for treats
Got the king supreme, may seem the gleam
With a beam the ream, no screen was seen
Not a gang to bang, or to hang with slang
Talkin angers ang, about everything
Just brothers and others, like fathers and mothers
Who discovered the lovers that think they're up and above us
No crime or time, just rhyme and lines
For roaming on no phone in time
Just cut the stuff, do you get enough?
'Cause we're rougher than tougher and rougher-tougher than tough

With a voice like thunder, words of wonder
All alone standing tall, and suckers roll under
Possessed with power, cowards will cower
Dogs we devour, hour after hour after hour
Three men riot, you can't deny it
Will so ill, that you can't defy it
Gonna live, positive, forever and ever
Run-DMC, and we're tougher than leather


I’m Not Going Out Like That

Crime, time, now I get mine
Climb, do find, wine and just dine
Make, break, ill and just take
Fate, for gods sake, I rake for that stake
Crack, whack, smack you right back
Back you might lack, Jack you fight crack
Cry, lie, do or just die
Live positive and give and that's why

Didn't hear me and you knew it
I praise MCs, so get to it
You want floor talk, and you're tryin
I taught one more, 'cause you're dyin
Your place, race, chase, and I see it
And now drive about, and I mean it
I can soar kick, and you saw it
The crowd proud and loud, and all for it
Grim sin is wrong, so don't do it
Win friend, a song, and you blew it
I knew the time is right, so I wrote it
Here's the hook, look, so just hold it

Coming all the time, and time, and that's whether
You, your crew, knew whatever
I did done, do, I 'miss clever
I'll come again, and win, and you'll never
See a man like me, your idol
So joke, smoke, toke this title
The rhyme is mine, fine, and so vital
It's time for me to rock a recital
Gonna tell ya about a groove that's comin
From the heart, your part just one in a million
All you will be bummin
So check the time, the rhyme, it comes from in
Side your brain, it remain, so just keep it
Plain, same, the frame, so just keep it
Look, see and check, but never stop it
The hook comes next, so Jay drop it

Gotta go Joe, ya know,
To the T-O-P and see D, you know, we know
The way today, I say I'm not a Leo
The king is D, and Jay the Scorpio
The sign of mine is wild, keep grinnin
This half-style is wild, and I'm winnin
Roll, stroll, control and I'm coolin
The king of rock and roll, and I'm rulin
I rock, shock, get stopped, and I'm droppin
I pop hip-hop, I'm hip-hoppin
Receive a G for Lee, while I'm throwin
It's D, ya see, it's me, I'm not goin

Munch, crunch us, you gotta take us out, we're hotter
Team is mean, a lotta work involved, we're smarter
Dee, Jay, Run, no jokin, hot as hell, we're smokin
Punks rough toughs, we're yokin, news is crude, are chokin
Out like that, not going in like men, we're growin
Chance to dance, not blowing, go to show, don't roll in
Don't you know, we're sayin, here to show, not playin
Here's the jam, respect it, time to end, THIS RECORD!


How’d Ya Do It Dee?

Yeah, one two one two
And I say
As we let the music play
This is dedicated to Runny Ray
From all the homeboys around the way
So def it won't get an F
Jay receives an A for his essay
Spins til you're dizzy
Born to get busy
Is he the Jam Master?
Isn't he, or is he?
And my name is D.M.C.
The K-I-N-G
The car that I drive is called a Caddy
The drink that I drink is called O.E.
And I wear my glasses so I can see
My homeboy right next to me
His name is DJ Run
Shoots a gift like a gun
Slays suckers one by one
Rather chill than kill
Cause the killing's no fun
So together forever
Crew be tougher than leather
We gonna slay the bad ones
Until there are none

Run-D.M.C.'s award nominees
The K-I-N-G's of all M-I-C's
Like Hercules, with rhymes like these
Never crackin not lackin and I still pull G's
Well I ah, impress the bad, suggest the rest
Who be less when they 'fess, against the test
And I insist that this, with a flick of the wrist
Will be kid not dissed at the top of the list
So go a-head, and stand, check out the man
With a clan, never ran, and in demand

So just a
Bust a rhyme
It's a must cause I'm
Funky fresh, in the flesh AND YOU KNOW THE TIME
Why don't ya, bust it son
Cause I'm number one
Just do it, pursue it
Hit it Run!

Yo I'm flowin and showin rocks knots and shockin the mind
I'm only chillin and killin, so won't you check out the rhyme
Meetin greetin and seatin, suckers all in a row
Crashin mashin and bashin, my name is Run, call me Joe
Fat as ever and clever, and never second to none
Wearin leather and better (What's your name?) DJ Run
But in the summer's a bummer, cause I leave em at home
Just Adidas and me, and Lee and D on the phone
Diggin eyein the crown, sellin skills by the pound
Makin breakin and takin all of the suckers around
Puttin fear in the heart, at the top of the chart
Stunning gunning and funning, cause Run's running this art
DJ's facing the rage, never losing a show
Cause when the set is a match, then they're ready to go
Swervin curvin deservin, the grass grow everyday
Cause makin money ain't funny, ain't that right JMJ?

Full in effect, set comin correct
Yet gainin respect, still breakin a neck
I'm coolin and chillin, not foolin with illin
On the mission it's thrillin, and I'll make a killin
My higher desire, go high and then fly ya
Makes me the messiah, I'll neve retire
I'm spankin and bankin high rankin and skankin
Improvising, surprising, I'm rising and flaking
My boys on the side, the front and the back
A Cadillac and a stack, for the King Darryl Mack
Not workin for free, pocket full with a G
And they always ask me, D.M.C., "How'd ya do it Dee?"
On the go with Joe, makin pay with Jay
All day, WHY? Cause I'm livin that way
One wonders, WHAT? How it gets done
I hear questions, FROM WHO? From everyone
I'm cool.. I broke the rule
Breakin all but law, when I break fool
Cause I'm the man.. that was born to rule
Every girl in the world, and make them drool
It's easy to be, it's easy to D
It's easy to G, it's easy to me
Wanna know how I do it, got a goal, I pursue it
Got the soul, to get to it, you was told, so you knew it
The answers, from questions, I'm tellin to thee
Cause they always ask me, D.M.C., "How'd ya do it Dee?"


Miss Elaine

My my my teacher came in class, breathin hard as could be
And then she made a pass at my homeboy D
I said she's movin fast, she's lookin at me

She's a crazy lady, she may be insane
She always calls me baby, but that's not my name
Hey those kisses that she gave me, I just can't explain


She walked into the class with an aim for the day
Elaine had a game and I was willing to play
She said if I was down, she'd give me an A

Yo, my class is breakin fool, she sent them all home
She kept me after school, yeah me all alone
I follow all the rules, but I should have known


[Guitar solo]

Try to go to school, keep my head on the books
My teacher's kinda cool, give the dirtiest looks
All my friends want a hook-up, but nobody hooks

Yo, I go for what I know, and I get what I get
It's gettin rather frantic, people say I'm a pet
She's makin me a winner and I'm glad that I met


Ahhhhhhh, make it funky now


Soul to Rock and Roll

[Scratching by Jam Master Jay]
"I'm the.. I'm the.. I'm the.. I'm the.."

"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK", "I'm the king of.." / "ROCK"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"

"Soulllllll!" / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"Soulllllll!" / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"Soulllllll!" / "ROCK AND.." / "ROCK"
/ "ROCK"

Rock the house!
Gonna tell you bout a groove comin from the heart
Gonna make your body move, climbin up the chart
These ducks tryin to prove that you got the art
Better move better move better do your part
Get busy, get a job, stop messin around
Say isn't this fly, how can he get down?
Back bone to the hand givin up the hug
Crack known to the fans SAY NO TO DRUGS
Gotta lotta ambitions, as I was told
Now the heart stop wishin, 'fore you get old
Gotta speech and teach, reach for your goal
We the king here to bring with a lot of soul!

"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK", "I'm the king of.." / "ROCK"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
/ "I'm the king.."

That's crowned, to rule the sound
Fly world renowned, from town to town
My hat's my helmet, my mic's my sword
My heart's by the door so PRAISE THE LORD
Born a King, to rule this thing
Treats are the beats that battles bring
I can't be beat, I won't retreat
Victory is sweet, so I defeat
Like a slave I gave, the world I saved
This is the hated and ungrateful tool that's raised
Not to be cool, I rock and rule
I'm crowned with a jewel cause I'm down to duel
You bled from my blow, so know one thing
That you gotta be strong and as real as the KING

"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK", "I'm the king of.." / "ROCK"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
/ "I'm the king.."

RUN-D.M.C., K-I-N-G!

"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK AND ROLL!"
"I'm the king of.." / "ROCK", "I'm the king of.." / "ROCK"
"I'm the kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing OF ROCK!!!"



I.. woke up this morning got ready to roll
Put on my green bomber it was, freezing cold
Applied long johns with Adidas not matching
I called up Jam Master cause I knew he was scratching
(Whassup?) Jay to the telly music, loud as hell
He said - "Hold up Run," *DING DONG*, "it's the bell!"
Jay to the door as he leaves the cut
For his eyes a surprise, "D.M.C. WHASSUP?"

I need a little help Jay, I got a little problem
A guy like yourself, maybe you can help me solve em
I only want to know why this happens all the time
(What?) Everywhere I go, I start to rap and rhyme
I rock them in the day (yeah you rock em every night)
I rock em when I left so def I knew something was wrong (alright)
I rhyme when I am sleeping, I rhyme when I'm awake
When I was nine I said a rhyme by putting candles on my cake
I just came from the bank (you said a rhyme?) A rhyme so funny
A song about the line so long they all gave me their money
That's why I came to you, you're my friend (yes that is true)
Said maybe Jay knows what to say, he'll tell me what to do..

Hmmmm.. yo you go get Joe, and all the rhymes you made
And we'll go to the bank, AND WE CAN ALL GET PAID!

Cruisin down the block, in the sixty-six Olds
Girls are on the jock like the ride was a Rolls
Feelin kinda great, got change for the toll
Suckers gotta wait, that's your fate, poor soul
Heard you on the records and I heard you on the tapes
Stop, switch the conversation over to grapes, because
You're not bustin none, so stop fussin son
You're not down with Rush, they call us Russ and Run
Since that's the company, you won't be chumpin me
Here's the man, ask that fan (Run big brother D!)