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Raising Hell

Peter Piper

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, but Run rocked rhymes.
Humpty Dumpty fell down, that's his hard time.
Jack B. Nimble was nimble, and he was quick,
But Jam Master cut faster, Jack's on Jay's dick.
Now little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep
And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep.
And Alice chillin somewhere in Wonderland
Jack's serving Jill a bucket in his hand.
And Jam Master Jay's making out our sound,
The turntables might wobble but they won't fall down.

Now Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose both did their thing.
But, Jam Master's gettin' loose and DMC's the king.
Cause he's the adult entertainer, child educator,
Jam Master Jay, king of the crossfader.
He's the better of the best, best believe he's the baddest.
Perfect timin' when I'm climbin', I'm rhymin' apparatus.
Lotta guts, when he cuts, girls move their butts.
His name is Jay, hear the play, he must be nuts.
And on the mix, real quick, and I'd like to say
He's not Flash, but he's fast and his name is Jay!

It goes a one, two, three and...

Jay's like King Midas, as I was told,
Everything that he touched turned to gold.
He's the greatest of the great, get it straight he's great.
Claim fame cause his name is known in every state.
His name is Jay to see him play will make you say:
"God damn, that DJ made my day!"
Like the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,
He's a maker, a breaker, and a title taker.
Like the little old lady who lived in a shoe.
If cuts were kids, he would be due.
I'm not lying, y'all, he's the best I know,
And if I lie, my nose will grow
Like the little wooden boy named Pinocchio,
And you all know how the story goes!
Tricks are for kids he plays much gigs.
He's the big bad wolf and you're the three pigs.
He's the big bad wolf in your neighborhood,
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!

There it is...

We're Run-DMC got a beef to settle
Run's not Hansel, D's not Gretel
Jay's a winner, not a beginner
His pocket gets fat while others get thinner
J-J-Jump on Jay like cows jump moons,
People chase Jay like dish and spoon
And like all fairy tales end,
You'll see Jay again my friend!


It’s Tricky

This speech is my recital, I think it's very vital
To rock a rhyme, that's right on time
It's Tricky is the title, here we go...

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...Tr-tr-tr-tricky (Tricky) Trrrrrrrrrrricky

[The following verse only appears in the Club Mix Version]
They say I'm overrated, Musicians really hate it
My name is Run, I'm number one, It's very complicated
You might think it's a snap, a snap to make a rap
Well if you do, me and my crew will tell you that's some crap

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...Tr-tr-tr-tricky (Tricky) Trrrrrrrrrrricky

I met this little girlie, her hair was kinda curly
Went to her house and bust her out, I had to leave real early
These girls are really sleazy, all they just say is please me
Or spend some time and rock a rhyme, I said "It's not that easy"

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...(How is it D?) It's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Trrrrrricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...Tricky (Tricky) Tricky

In New York the people talk and try to make us rhyme
They really (hawk) but we just (walk) because we have no time
And in the city it's a pity cause we just can't hide
Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...(How is it D?) Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky) huh!

When I wake up people take up mostly all of my time
I'm not singin', phone keep ringin' cause I make up a rhyme
I'm not braggin', people naggin' cause they think I'm a star
Always tearin' what I'm wearin', I think they're goin' too far
A girl named Carol follows Daryll every gig we play
Then D dissed her and dismissed her, now she's jockin' Jay
I ain't lyin', girls be cryin' cause I'm on TV
They even bother my poor father cos he's down with me

It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...(How is it?) Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's Tricky...Tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tricky (Tr-Tr-Tr-Tricky) Tr-tr-tr...

We are not thugs, we don't use drugs
But you assume on your own
They offer coke and lots of dope
But we just leave it alone
It's like that y'all (y'all), but we don't quit
You keep on (rock!) shock! Cause this is it...


My Adidas

My Adidas walked through concert doors,
And roamed all over coliseum floors
I stepped onstage at Live Aid
All the people gave and the poor got paid
And out of speakers I did speak
I wore my sneakers, but I'm not a sneak
My Adidas touched the sands of foreign lands,
With mike in hand I cold took command
My Adidas and me, close as can be,
We make a mean team, my Adidas and me
We get around together, now and forever
And we won't be mad when we're caught in bad weather
My Adidas..
My Adidas..
My Adidas

Standin on 2 Fifth St.
Funky fresh and yes cold on my feet
With no shoestring in em, I did not win em
I bought em off the ave with the black Lee denim
I like to sport em that's why I bought em
A sucker tried to steal em so I caught em and I thwart em
And I walk down the street and bop to the beat
With Lee on my legs and adidas on my feet
And now I just standin here shooting the gip
Me and D and my Adidas standing on 2 Fifth
My Adidas..
My Adidas..

Me and my Adidas do the illest things
We like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings
We slay all suckers who perpetrate
And lay down law from state to state
We travel on gravel, dirt road or street
I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat
On stage front page every show I go
It's Adidas on my feet high top or low
My Adidas..
My Adidas..

Now enough Adidas possessed by one man is rare
Myself homeboy got fifty pair
Got blue and black cause I like to chill
And yellow and green when it's time to get ill
Got a pair that I wear when I'm playin ball
With the heal inside make me 10 feet tall
My Adidas only bring good news
And they are not used as selling shoes
They're black and white, white with black stripe
The ones I like to wear when I rock the mic
On the strength of our famous university
We took the beat from the street and put it on TV
My Adidas are seen on the movie screen
Hollywood knows we're good if you know what I mean
We started in the alley, now we chill in Cali
And I won't trade my Adidas for no beat-up Bally's
My Adidas..


Walk This Way

Now there's a backseat lover
That's always under cover
And I talk til my daddy say
Said you ain't seen nuthin
Til you're down on her muffin
And there's sure to be a change in ways
Now there's a cheerleader
That's a real big pleaser
Of times I can reminisce
But the best thing about lovin'
Was her sister and her cousin
And it started with a little kiss, like this

She starts swingin
With the boys in tune
And her feet just fly up in the air
Singin hey diddle diddle with a kitty in the middle
And they swingin like it just don't care
So I took a big chance
At the high school dance
With a lady who was ready to play
It wasn't me she was foolin
Cause she knew what was she was doin
When she told me how to walk this way

She told me to
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Walk this way! Talk this way!
She told me to
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Well just gimme a kiss
Oooh, a-like this!

School girl sleazy
With a classy kind of sassy
Little skirt hangin way up her knee
It was three young ladies
In the school gym locker
And they find they were lookin at D
I was a high school loser
Never made it with a lady
Til the boys told me somethin I missed
That my next door neighbor
Had a daughter had a favor
And I gave the girl just a little kiss, like this

She starts swingin with the boys in the school
With her feet flyin up in the air
Singing hey diddle diddle with a kitty in the middle
I was swingin like I didn't care
So I took a big chance at the high school dance
With a misses who was ready to play
Wasn't me she was foolin cause she knew what she was doin
When she told me how to walk this way

She told me to
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Walk this way! Talk this way!
She told me to
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Walk this way! Talk this way!
Well just gimme some head
A Like this...


Is It Live

The microphone master DMC
Causes 1, 2, 3, 4 casualties
You'll be praisin D down on your knees
Causes I'm poppin, and droppin, stoppin all MC's

Connect, eject, and collect respect
Get down to the sound cause I come correct
So when I write don't bite and I might check
And if I find your behind I'll break your neck
It's the royal rhymin' rapper, ready to have fun
You'll reason with the record 'cause it's made by Run
It's def, you was left in a total stun
So bust a move while I prove who's number one
Got quality and skill both beyond belief
Do a steal? Be for real, I'm not a thief
Dictator and hater of those that beef
That's right I can fight and I'm the chief

People in the place don't put D down
I'm the microphone master the best around
There's not too many of my type
And all rap titles I will swipe
You'll see me talkin to a girl
A sweet young thing with jerry curls
I never ever wore a braid
Got the peasiest hair and still get paid
Well I'm dropping MC's with just one punch
Cause it's the baddest of the bunch, call me Capt. Crunch
Slayin MC's, make em walk the plank
And what's next, start to flex while I count I count my bank
And I'm the wizard of words, the ruler of rap
Not soft, not a sucka, could never be a sap
You might get jacked cause you talk crap
When I bust my rap they all step back
I'm paid on stage, Run's on my left
On his right, on the mic, I recite I'm def
Because every performer is only a goner
Keep all sissy soft suckas off my corner

Is It Live...
(Cause Darryl Mac would do things like that)

Sophisticated sound not soft or sour
It's servin you suckas, sellin dreams in the shower
It's rockin this party hour after hour
If a girlie tried to dis this (What's up with that?)
I won't allow her
Cool chief rapper, I see a girl I tap her
Then I take her on the floor, she don't dance, I slap her
The girl starts to cry and the crowd asks me why
If Run says "dance" you do or die



Everyone out there ready?
It goes a one, two, three, and
Perfection to D is quite essential
He has to live up to his potential
I work real hard all day and night
I get to it and do it 'cause I want it right
I got base (tone), I use cologne
And then I rock a funky rhyme on the microphone
I got a funky fresh car
With a funky fresh bar
I'm a funky fresh star
And I'm up to par
My name is DMC
Down with Run and Jay
Is everything copasetic, y'all?

(yo yo yo - who we talkin about? Who we talkin about?)

I got prescription glasses and my eyes are correct
Two times every year I go to have them checked
Perfection's my selection, and I will select
And if its not perfect - I will perfect


I got a credit card made out of gold
I get cash in a flash and the story's told
I got DMC, I got JMJ
I got Jeff - he's def and Runny Ray
I got a dog, a cat, a mouse, a rat
A fly - he won't die and a little gnat
My name is DJ Run and he's Darryl Mac
Run-DMC - right and its at


I won't fail, I won't flop
Stall or stutter yes I won't stop
It takes hard work to be like this
You should know - 'cause I'm a perfectionist

(yo DJ Run, what is it?)
(perfectly speaking)
(perfectly speaking)
(100 %)
(roll, roll, roll, c'mon c'mon c'mon)
(word, there it is)


Hit It Run

Born to rock around the clock
You can't say I'm not
And in case you forgot
I'm the king of rock

I'm the devastating mic controller DMC
And can't nobody mess around with me
I'm the king of rock, rap, and of rhyme
I deal what I feel and it feels real fine
If the flow is made of Jay
Then I will play
A rhyme with sound put down
For the rhymes I say
We flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together let's rock
Hit it Run

Few try to punch the clock
While I rock this spot
I better known to the world as the king of rock
I like to speak my piece when I'm on the mic
I'm the best or at least I'm the one you like
And when I serve, you deserve to hear what I say
I throw a curve you got the nerve to make a triple play
Now how devastating can an MC be?
My name is Daryl, but you can call me D
Hit it Run

It's cold gangster hard rock nonstop hip-hop
And it's headed for the top by the rhymes I pop
For every race plays color, country, county, or creed
In all of the places that I MCed
B boy badness to the highest degree
And you cant be a boy unless you be D
You cant bust a cherry or crush a grape
And if you ain't got the state you're in bad shape
Beats flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together let's rock

Do you really know what's going on
I was conceived when I was born
I once was lost but now I'm found
Tell your bunch I'm boss, I run this town
I leave all suckers in the dust
Those dumb muthafuckas cant mess with us
Beats flow from Joe and never stop
Better get yourself together, Let's rock
Hit it Run

I was struck from the start performing art
Climbing up the chart while others fall apart
The three outlaws in the music trade
We won't rob but our job is to get paid
Cause Run has fun if Jay will play
And I got one more rhyme to say
Now how devastating can an MC be?
My name is Daryl, but you can call me D
Hit it Run

I was born son of Byford
Brother of Al
Betty's my mama and Run's my pal
It's McDaniels not McDonald's
These rhymes are Daryl's, but the burgers are Ronald's!
I went down my family tree
My mother, my father, my brother and D
Run DMC and Jam Master Jay


Raising Hell

Kings from Queens from Queens come Kings
We're raising hell like a class when the lunch bell rings
The king will be praised, and hell will be raised
S-s-s-suckers try to phase us, but D won't be phased
So what's your name? DMC. The king is me
Your highness or his majesty
Now you can debate, c-c-c-c-concentrate
But you can't imitate DMC the great
Dissing all devils, causin havoc in hell
At a very high level, bass and treble shall yell
Hanging in the heavens on the sound supreme
So clear to the ear it is sometimes seen
So loud like a cloud with thunder and lightning
So proud to the crowd it is somewhat frightening
No calm in the storm like a beast unleashed
There's no stopping 'cause the rocking cannot cease - BREAK!

You see, it’s harder than hard, not one bit soft
Courageous and contagious, so you better break off
Not a coal on a roll, did you hear me cough?
Just listen while I'm dissin 'cause you're pissin me off
Cold beading is spreading all across your face
You cant take when I break it, if that's the case
I'll go on and on, and kick the bass
So back off of the cup while I take my taste
It's highly appraised when the hell is raised
So demanding and commanding that you all stand dazed
The unbelieving receiving prophecies so true
I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you
My mighty mic control already brought his soul
The rock king is so bold when he rocks and roll
A black hat is my crown, symbolizing the sound
Signifying, we won't play around - BUST IT!

Rhyming and climbing beat making everyday
No synthesizer sound, so silence when I say
I am great, get it straight, 'cause that's my fate
My name is Run, I'm number one, that’s how I rate
He's in the place, with the bass, and stylin grace
His name is Jay, he's here to play, and win this race
He's off the wall, on the ball, his name is D
Kinda tall, yes y'all, he's down with me
From the mountain valley to the deep blue sea
The word is heard as told by D
I don't sing, I bring much to light
Like a star shining bright in the darkest night
If you are cold, I'll bring you heat
Like I brought the whole world my funky beat
Mysterious is serious, I ain't no joke
Fire from the depths of hell, and you can smell the smoke
Kicking and ticking while you're having a ball
Like chicken finger-lickin I'll be flicking you all
Don't do the bird, have you heard? Did they give you a call?
Just me and DMC cold shakin the wall
There's no fearin one hearin sound of this kind
Across the land, every man is going out of his mind
On the face of the earth, spreading like disease
Contaminating, infiltrating, like a horde of bees
Lord of lyrics, dukes of discussions
Rulers of rap and kings of cold crushin'
Pullers of people, controllers of crowds
Lingering lyrics, long-lasting and loud
Left y'all, a to the left y'all
Because I rock upon the mic real def y'all
And to the right y'all, a to the right y'all
Because I rock upon the mic all night y'all

You see, I want respect if I'm correct
They're all like a ball that I have checked
And the shots they take have no effect
The punk tried to dunk but he broke his neck
Cause I rock harder, and I get farther
You want to battle D, hey please don't bother
To waste your time, messing with my rhyme
The only kick you'll get out of it is in your behind


You Be Illin’

Yo Jay!

(One) day when I was chillin' in Kentucky Fried Chicken
Just mindin' my business, eatin' food and finger lickin'
This dude walked in lookin' strange and kind of funny
Went up to the front with a menu and his money
He didn't walk straight, kind of side to side
He asked this old lady, "Yo, yo, this Kentucky Fried?"
The lady said "Yeah", smiled and he smiled back
He gave a quarter and his order, small fries, Big Mac!
You be illin'

(To)day you won a ticket to see Doctor J
Front row seat (in free!) no pay
Radio in hand, snacks by feet
Game's about to start, you kickin' popcorn to the beat
You finally wake up, Doc's gone to town
Round his back, through the hoop, then you scream "Touchdown!"
You be illin'

The other day around the way I seen you illin' at a party
Drunk as skunk you illin' punk and in your left hand was Bacardi
You went up to this fly girl and said
"Yo, yo, can I get this dance?"
She smelt your breath and then
She left you standin' in your illin' stance
You be illin'

Dinner, you ate it, there is none left
It was salty, with butter and it was def
You proceeded to eat it cause you was in the mood
But Holmes you did not read it was a can of dog food!
You be illin'


Dumb Girl

I seen you jockin' JC cause he got a Mercedes
And you know about his ladies and all his babies
You just want a ride, to get inside
And run around town like Bonnie & Clyde
But see the moves you're makin' the route you're takin'
Will lead the heart breaking and I'm not mistaking
You like his money, you'll be his honey
It's truth, no excuse, you're a great big dummy

Dumb girl
Dumb girl

I wish I knew why a girl like you
Wants to do all the things that you do
I know you want a man, but you should understand
JC ain't D, shouldn't be his fan
You're not just fine you're out of your mind
And I wrote this rhyme just for your kind
Don't be misled remember what I said
The rhymes are rock, but surely not one in your head

Dumb girl
Dumb girl

Now you are the flyest girl in the whole school
But they don't call you fly, they call you fool
Because you don't go to class you will not pass
You'd like to go but you're too slow because you're going to fast
And I can tell that you're dumb when you walk in the place
Walkin' around with your thumb cold stuck in your face
Always sinning never winning cause you're last in the race
You get high into the line think that measures the ace

Dumb girl
Stupid, the girl is
Dumb dumb dumb

Now you're a stupid sex fiend with no real power
Had four guys in the bathroom, and your last in the shower
Always guys call you fast but I call you slow
Always slipping or giving somebody a blow
Giving every guy a try at the wink of an eye
There's something you're missing that money can't buy
When it comes to love you're even hated by Cupid
Just silly, dilly, silly, just plain stupid

Dumb girl
Dumb girl
The girl is.... dumb

I hope you listen to the words that I speak
I'm not playing, what I'm saying could never be weak
You should use your brain, but you don't have one
And when it comes to sense you don't have none
YO YO you should know where I am coming from
But, you're just dumb ditty dumb ditty ditty dumb dumb

Dumb girl
Dumb with a capital D
Dumb girl
Stupid as can be
Break down
The girl is
Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb girl
Dumb girl
Dumb girl
The girl is dumb


Son of Byford

Yo jay, yo Jay, check this out

I was born
Son of Byford, brother of Al
Bannah's my mamma and Run's my pal
It's McDaniels, not McDonalds
These rhymes are Daryls, cos burgers are RONALDS!

I ran down my family tree
My mother, my father, my brother and Me

Oh ya now that's it now huh?


Proud To Be Black

You know I'm proud to black y'all
And that's a fact y'all
And if you tried to take what is mine
I'll take it back y'all...Its' like that


Listen party people here's a serious song
It's right not wrong, I should say right on
I gotta tell you something that y'all should know
It's not a mystery, it's history and here's how it go
Now Harriet Tubman was born a slave
She was a tiny black woman and she was brave
She was livin to be givin, there's a lot that she gave
There's not a slave in this day and age
I'm proud to be black, god damn
I'm tired my man, don't worry about what color I am
Because I've seen how ill, this man can act
It could never be fiction because it is all fact
And if you get in my way, I will not turn back
I'm proud of my name, my name is Daryl Mac
I'm black and I'm proud, and I'll say it out loud
I'll share my story with the whole crowd

You know I'm proud to black y'all
And that's a fact y'all
And if you tried to take what is mine
I'll take it back y'all...Its' like that

DJ Run, and I run and sing
You could hear it loud and clear like when the school bell rings
Like Martin Luther King, I'll do my thing
I'll say it in a rap, cause I do not sing
DMC, the man, that's causing the grief
I gotta message for this word, so listen up this brief
Like Malcolm X said, I won't turn a right cheek
Got the strength to go to lengths if you want to start peace...start peace

You know I'm proud to black y'all, and real brave y'all
And muthafucka, I could never be a slave y'all
So take that!

I want to tell you something, put your mind in a swirl
God bless the next baby that comes in this world
A world full of hate, discrimination and sin
People judging other people by the color of skin
I'll take this matter in my own way, man
I ain't no slave, I ain't bailing no hay
We're in a tight position, in any condition
Don't get in my way, 'cause I'm full of ambition
I'm proud to be black, and I ain't taking no crap
I'm fresh out of the pack, and I'm proud to be black
So take that!

There was a man, an inventor, who invented so well
He invented a fortune, for a man named Bell
George Washington Carver made the peanut great
So any man would a mind could create
You read about Malcolm X, in a history text
Jesse Owens broke records, Ali broke necks
What's wrong with you man? And how can you be so dumb?
Like Dr. King said, we shall overcome