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Checks Thugs and Rock N' Roll


Force set up the hip-hop police
Can't find peace in the Middle East
Some punk rapper always gots to beef
What's goin on with all the priests
Church should be shamed about what they did
First PlayStation never touched the kids
This revelation is a prophecy
The only way out is you and me
We gotta sit and wait then go to sleep
The promise of the kids I gotta keep
Life is rough enough on the street
I gotta make sure that we all can eat
Chuck said rap is like CNN
We keep tunin out instead of tunin in
And while we're sleepin they're watchin us
And instead of watchin them we're not wakin up

[Josh Todd from Buckcherry]
There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the Joker to the King
There's too much con-fu-sion
I can't get no relief

It's easy for D to be the all-time great
And now I be the one they'll assassinate
I'm talkin on the topic and I'm talkin truth
Cause I know knowledge can save the youth
Here's how the dollars need to be used
We got a choice to save the schools
Billionaires, millionaires and trillionaires
They say that the money is never there
Tell me the truth, tell me you don't care
You profit off the music and the clothes I wear
You gettin that money, yeah that's all good
You ain't doin a damn thing for the hood
You ain't doin anything you know you should
You ain't doin anything you know you could
It be the dollar dollar dollar and you gotta gotta lotta
But you don't know what hip-hop means to Bambaataa

[Josh Todd from Buckcherry]
No reason to get excited
The thief he got exposed
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke

[long interlude and guitar solo]

[Josh Todd from Buckcherry]
All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Them and servants too, yeah alright

[DMC: repeat 6X]
This revelation is a prophecy
The only way out is you and me


Freaky Chick

So hot.. it's so freaky, aoww!

So sexy, and she's freaky [4X]

[Chorus 2X: DMC]
She's a freaky chick believe me
She dances on the TV
Watch me, watch me, paparazzi
I'm, so, cute

She's on the movie screen
In all the magazines
She Benz's and she bings
She's gonna get all your cream
She dreams of money cream
She dress so fresh and clean
A shopaholic thing
She is a beauty queen
Just like Mary uh what's her name
Things ain't changed she still the same
Remember those things she used to do
Remember that song I sung to you
Remember that story I used to tell
About Mary cold buggin and +Raising Hell+
She's freaky as, as freaky gets
When it comes to chicks she's freakiest


Now I know Mary and I know Jane
They both are freaks then who's to blame?
Jane, always, looks for Dick
She like Dick cause Dick a trick
She left Dick and went with Rick
This caused beef with Keith and Mick
Now who is she sleepin with?
It's a story that the tabloids got to get
All the rapper dudes, wanna hit it
All the actor dudes, wanna hit it
It's a well known fact but they won't admit it
When they knock them boots they all know who did it


So sexy, and she's freaky [8X]

Hit her one time you'll fall in love
She'll be the one you're always thinkin of
That's one piece you've got to get
That's one piece you've got to hit
She's one freak you won't forget
Might be a move you might regret
She's so fine, she's so hot
And if you want her she wants a lot
That's okay if you don't mind
One thing's for sure you'll have a good time
It's alright, it's okay
She don't want you anyway
It's alright, it's okay
You can get it but you got to pay
It's alright, it's okay
She don't want you anyway
It's alright, it's okay
You can spend the night but you can't stay

So sexy, and she's freaky [4X]

[Chorus - 2X]

Just Like Me

As I walk through the corners of Cooley High
I gotta be thankful that I'm still alive
I have a lot of thoughts like who the hell am I
What is the truth and what is a lie?
But I think about my life and everything is okay
I gotta pave the way to a brighter day
Cause it's really plain and simple when it came to me
There's a lot of people just like me (like me)
There's a whole lot just like me (like me)

[Chorus: Sarah Mclachlan]
And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon
Little boy blue and the man in the moon
When you comin home, I don't know when
We'll get together then, you know we'll have a good time then

1964, uhh! Here we go, aiyyo
The child was born it was a beautiful day
It was 1964, the 31st of May
The girl gave birth to a baby boy
He's not a burden, he's a bundle of joy
She was just a young girl in her youth
And her parents tried real hard to hide the truth
Is there a chance for the baby to live?
That is a chance that you gotta give [2X]


It was 9 whole months inside of the womb
Another long month in the hospital room
Facin doom in a tomb cause the kid is alone
But somebody came along and they took the kid home
He came into the world like we all do
But he never ever knew how he came through
Do the best you can do if this happen to you
And understand all the words that I'm rappin to you [2X]


Father is, the mother and the father is..
Yo, the mother and the father is all that he knows
They give him lots of love and you know that it shows
He's livin really well he has all that he needs
He came into the world and he's gonna succeed
It is a blessing to live in the light
If nothing is wrong then something is right
They say that life is a mystery
And I just wanna know my history
Understand that life is good to me
That's the way it is so (let it be)
My life is complete, everything is alright
Life is good to me, I'm in paradise
Understand when I'm rappin, no pain and sorrow
I just want you to know, yo yo [2X]
I'm alright ma
I'm alright pa.. na na na

[Chorus - 4X to fade]


Lovey Dovey

[Female + (Doug E.)]
Hey hey (Let's go!)
Heyyyy (Uhh, yeah)
Hey hey (Get it poppin y'all)
Heyyyy (Yeah)
Hey hey (Yo D, yo D what'chu got to tell 'em?)

[Chorus: DMC + (Doug E.)]
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {oh yes they love me, love me}
(I'm feelin you player)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {and they lookin for a superstar}
(If I had to man I'd cut mine off)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
(Yeah, keep on ballin baby)
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely {I'll love you oh so right}
(Can I ball wit'chu?)

[Doug E. Fresh]
The summer's in action, to party's my passion
The women, the fashion, but this year's attraction
is smashin, hardcore comin at you raw
Cause this you never saw, on any dance floor
I had plenty viewers with some band in Aruba
15 thousand, it looked so astoundin
The bass was pounded, my voice surroundin
Not a video, actual live show
I seen hands in the air, on HBO
Cause it's Naughty By Nature, female emancipator
Nuff back shots, what's a movie without a plot
Starring, DMC and his man Doug E.
Yo how they lookin D? (They're lookin real sexy)
Now the stage is set, and it's hot like a sweathouse
Inside I wanna get out, got somethin to let out
Ladies in the front and the back, they wanna shoutout

[Chorus w/ new Doug E. ad libs]
C'mon, say what?
Uhh, keep it sexy y'all
Uh-huh, uh-huh

Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
I hope this one here keeps 'em thinkin of me
I won't play the role like all the fake thugs be
When I "Walk This Way" they always wanna hug me
Walkin down the street, watchin ladies
They amaze me, even the ones with the babies
All the fools in the club, are gonna go crazy
Uh-huh, they love lookin at all the lovely ladies
La-di-da-di, we like to party
We love all the lovely ladies shakin their bodies
Her friend is a 10, but she's a hottie
She got a good attitude, and she never act snotty
Ladies Love Cool J, and we love the ladies
It's only right, to fit in my Mercedes
Lovey dovey, the ladies are lovely
Play this one here where the ladies in the club be

[Chorus w/ more new Doug E. ad libs]
Uhh, put your drinks up
Keep it sexy
Sing it!

[Interlude - singer]
La-di-da-di, we likes to party
Don't want Bacardi, just your body girl
And you know just what we like
It's your hips and thighs movin left to right
Hey, gettin down that's all I see
Got me fiendin like Jodeci
Your love's the best
Girl flex an', time to have sex

[Chorus w/ Doug E. beatboxing]

[Doug E. Fresh]
All my independent women, put your hands up
And on the side, put your hands up
If you got a job, put your hands up
You look good, put your hands up
She looks sexy, put your hands up
You got a man, put your hands down
You don't gotta man, put your hands up
And keep it sexy, and keep it sexy
Ah c'mon, shake that, shake that, shake that, shake that
Shake that, shake that, all the ladies scream {AHHHHH}
And sing it!

[Chorus w/ more Doug E. ad libs]
Uhh, put your drinks up, I see you baby
What's your name? Uh-huh
That's right, what's your sign?
Now what's your #? C'mon

[random conversation then instrumental to fade]


Find My Way

I'm just an MC, that's all that I be
I speak freely, clearly, you see
The people in the world, they all know me
So why sometimes I feel so lonely?
From a place and a time, that y'all forgot
But you wanna remember me cause my man got shot
Life is hard, so I gotta be strong
I gotta keep it right so I can't go wrong
I write rhymes, Gemini my sign
I got a nine I don't rhyme about mine
I spit, it's legit, never stopped by cops
Comin up with the hits when the records ("DROP!")
My name's DMC, I said I'm great
I still say it now with no debate
Confucius states, [speech reversed]
I gotta believe in somethin more than that
I gotta believe in somethin more than this
I gotta believe in somethin more than that
Fresh new kicks and the old black hat

[Chorus: DMC + (Kid Rock)]
I'm tryin to find my place in the sun
Never lived by the gun I never ran from one
I'm tryin to find my place in the sun
Never lived by the gun I never ran from one
(You know I'll find my way, find my way)
(Find my way, find my way in the sun)
(In the sun, in the sun, ey I'm gonna find my way)

The life that I live isn't make believe
You know who I am I wear it on my sleeve
Took a little trip down to Detroit
Whippin the whip down the strip like a A.J. Foyt
Makin hip-hop that's been my job
I know a kid that rocks and his name is Bob
It's a long race and I'm winnin son
Sippin on beers eatin veni-son
I can't take back, the things I've done
I know I'm fuckin up but I'm havin fun
I'm on the road, I'm gettin old
20 plus years so the story goes
Fly-ass pro, the {?} know
Who gets to stay, who gots to go
I gotta believe in somethin more than that
I gotta believe in somethin more than this
I gotta believe in somethin more than that
Like Johnny Cash I'm the man in black


Yo yo, this one right here goes out to Jam Master Jay
And Joe C - we love you
Kid Rock, DMC
Y'all rest in peace

[Outro: Kid Rock]
You know I'll find my way, find my way
Find my way, find my way in the sun
In the sun, in the sun, ey I'm gonna find my way
Ey I'm gonna find my way, ey I'm gonna find my way

[guitar plays and scratching to fade]


Machine Gun

Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?
Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?
Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?
Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?

They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end

Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?

The rhymes that I rock
I gotta rap for Iraq
Taking up the slack
till the troops come back
Inside Iraq with a helmet for a hat
Machine Guns gunning
Regime starts running
It seems I’m done and
Seems so stunning
See a man shooting at me
He a man just like me
With a fam just like me
Don’t understand why he dislike me?
Then again, he could be my friend
And deep in the kin with the same color skin
It doesn’t matter whose side you choose
Cause in the end we’re all gonna lose
Oh well, WAR is hell

Just another CRAZY war story to tell, yell


Bullets flying
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
People dying
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
Bombs keep dropping
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
On our children
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
Bullets flying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
People dying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
Bombs keep dropping
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
On our children
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)

Mama, Mama, they’re taking me away
They ain’t trying to hear what Jimmy gotta say
Papa, Papa, I’m trying to be a man
In a foreign land with a machine gun in my hand
Politics and this is what I get
Presidents and this is what I get
Delegates and this is what I get
I wanna represent, but it is making me sick
They say that they feel for me
But their reality, isn’t real for me
For democracy, they say steal for me
Give me a gun and say kill for me
I’m insane you insane who sane who sane we’re insane
Oh, well, war, is hell
Just another crazy war story to tell, yell


Bullets flying
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
People dying
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
Bombs keep dropping
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
On our children
(Ratta, Tat, Tat, while they shootin like that?)
Bullets flying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
People dying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
Bombs keep dropping
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
On our children
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)


I was the third desk over on the thirteenth floor,
When blood and fuel leveled down my door.
You could have watched me freefall and screamed and burned
But you watched and learned
I was on the thirteenth row, of flight 13,
Sitting, sweating, waiting to be slammed
Unmercifully into the side of my destiny
I am the 13th brick on the pyramid on the dollar bill
I am the 3rd story from the sun
The 3rd bullet shot from my gun, from the 13th regiment, in the 3rd platoon
But now I come back with 3 fingers,
But I really only need one to tell you how I feel

Bullets flying
People dying
Bombs keep dropping
On our children
Bullets flying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
People dying
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
Bombs keep dropping
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)
On our children
(They’re all gonna get it in the end)

They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end
They’re all gonna get it in the end




[sped up vocal sample]
It's collllllllllld! Col-hoh-ollllld
Collld cold, in this big city babe
Ahh but that don't bother - cold, in this big city babe [2X]
Ahh but that don't bother me [repeat "me"]

[Chorus: sung]
I see the tears in your eye and your heart may cry
To my niggaz locked down it's gon' be alright
To my sisters in the hood tryin to make life better
You ain't by yourself, you're looking better
Whatever the storms that come
Life is full of them
Take a look in the mirror at yourself
Believe in yourself, yeahhhhhhhh

[Verse One: Jade]
Now I, understand that man gotta meet his quota but damn
Is it because I'm tan that you pull me over
My man, he gotta hustle cause he can't get a job
Slam the door in his face, because he caught a juvie case
It seems as if I got people tryin to pull me down
Red broads intimidatin insinuatin and hatin
I'm a young buck, keepin on a young tuck
Waitin for the next move, zippin up and lace shoes
And you niggaz tryin to get at me, uh-uh I never sweat B
This world is chilly but Willies could never catch me
Although you wasn't ready still ridin for you already
Make me wanna crack a vanilla dutch and smoke heavy
Oh, regardless you could come and holla at the O girl
The streets raised me so I'm ready for this cold world
You think you know but you have no idea
I'm never slippin, never runnin, here I go right here, c'mon

[sped up sample]
Ahh but that don't bother - cold, in this big city babe [3X]
Ahh but that don't bother me [repeat "me"]

[Verse Two: DMC]
I be the microphone talker, the big street walker
Known to rock a rhyme, a bonafide New Yorker
O.G. godfather, like Afrika Bambaataa
DMC comes harder, cause he gotta be smarter
Growin up in the city I can't be dum diddy dumb
I'd rather be sittin pretty than in a city like a bum
I roll with some killers, some real bug niggaz
And some real ill figures that ain't scared to pull the trigger
My homies all dead, in jail or doin life
While the honies give us his and we treat 'em like a wife
There's a whole lot of shootin, and executin
And the crew keeps gettin stronger cause we keep on recruitin
We can never die, we just multiply
We keep the records in the store for the streets to buy
Peace to Eazy-E, Biggie and Tupac
Rest in peace Keith, Cowboy and Scott LaRock

[Verse Three: Sonny Black]
Can you tell me baby why the world is so cold
Why is Hennessy the only thing that warm my soul
Into the belly of the beast, I watch the hood cry
Gangsters bangin out I'm seein good niggaz die
The world is so cold, yeah I can feel the breeze
Hatred is sacred, life's a dying disease
Livin to hustle, down to die for cheese
Just hustlin with muscle slugs are flyin with ease
Behind bars baby I seen the world is even colder
It seems like the weight of the world is on your shoulder
Life moves along like the hands of time
Death brings life and life brings crime
Dyin is easy, but life’s tend to stress me
Livin through sin hopin God will bless me
And forgive me and save my soul
What he from heaven cause the world is so cold
Like ("cold.. cold.. cold..")

What’s Wrong

[scratched: "DMC"]

[Chorus: singers - repeat 4X]
What's wrong with this world today (what's wrong with this world)

Check it out now
12 years old and I'm smokin on weed
I want a lot of stuff that I don't really need
14 years old and I'm drinkin on beer
What my parents gotta say I don't wanna hear
16 years old and I'm takin ecstasy
Girl next to me is gonna have sex with me
18 years old and I'm sniffin cocaine
Don't really care what it's doin to my brain

Don't understand, why all the fuss
Why the grown-ups keep messin with us
I'm not gonna die just because I smoked dust
Smack me in the face just because I said a cuss
Treat 'em like kids, we should leave them alone
But they don't understand (I'm 12 and I'm grown)


At the age of 12 I was probably sellin weed
Seein the same things that DMC seen
Was a young cat that'd love to see you bleed
But what's goin on with this world tell me
Kids in the street eatin meals off the streets
Take me off the streets but can't stop the streets
At the age of 3 they got shot right in front of me
My moms and my daddy, shoulda never had me
16 years old my balls got swoll
Heart got cold and them glocks got load
Take it back to 15, pops was on the scene
Took me out the hood, showed me how to stack cream
Take it back to my breddern, age 11
Khadafi, the head brother, of Makaveli
Wasn't for you, the streets woulda failed me
Napoleon, Outlaw, give 'em hell DMC


Check it out
Today is the day that I bring a gun to school
The teacher dissed me and he played me for a fool
Tryin to play the role, tryin to be cool
Being {?} well I make the rules

If I pull the trigger, I figure if he die
I say that I'm crazy, you know that's a lie

Just gotta act like I'm out of my mind
To be on the news, on the cover of Time

Shoulda known I would do it, shoulda seen the signs
Been lovin guns ever since I was 9

[DMC] I played PlayStation
[Nap] And Nintendo too
[DMC] And love all the games
[Nap] When I'm shootin at you
[DMC] When my dad was young he used to go out and hunt
[Nap] It doesn't really matter man, I came to front

It doesn't really matter as a kid or a man
Cause the same thing can happen with a gun in your hand


[ad libbed scratches to end]


Cadillac Cars

[Chorus 2X: DMC]
The Cadillac cars we're supposed to drive
The supersonic jet we're supposed to fly
Things they advertise we're supposed to buy
But the truth about life is we never die

Up in the morning hit the treadmill
Read the morning paper, get the head filled
Eat a little breakfast for the {?} thrill
My son started illin so I said chill
A man can't live on bread and water alone
But by every word proceeding out the microphone
My wife woke up, turned the radio on
My son said daddy, they're playing your song
Just another day in the life life
Coolin with my kids and my wife wife
I got a little problem, I got to solve
You see me seekin knowledge as the world revolves
You might not care, but I despair
over which color shell-toe Adidas to wear
But that's alright, hey that's okay
Cause it's the same little problem that I have every day


The L-I-E, is {?} again
And life is a battle, will I ever win?
And you know what they say, over in L.A.
That the four-oh-five is the same damn way
People don't realize we're really alike
But they like to see things in black and white
But they don't know, we're all the same
It's all about your throw and how you play, the game
People think times won't be so hard
If they just get down, and pray to God
But I came here, to keep it real
You gotta do a whole lot more than just kneel
Don't hesitate to investigate
Take time out, to meditate
As long as I see things goin on
I'm gonna keep spreadin knowledge with a song, now


I walk outside to my pickup truck
I see the five-oh and I say whassup?
Mr. McDaniels what's goin on?
Are you workin out cause you're lookin kinda strong
I try to keep the mental and the physical
Correct in respect to my spiritual
I try to keep the message really clear for you
So listen to the questions that I'm askin you

[repeat 2X]
Do you believe, in rock'n'roll?
Cause if you do it'll save your soul
It helps you gain when you lose control
If you believe in rock'n'roll


Rock rock rock rock rockin on heaven's door
Rock rock rock rock rockin 'til I can't no more


Only God Knows

[Chorus 2X: DMC]
The wife, the kids, the things, I did
I'm lookin at my life and how I lived
Is it negative, is it positive
Only God knows what it really is

My wife's mad at me cause I'm drinkin again
Comin home with my breath stinkin again
Got me goin down the drain, got me sinkin again
All the alcohol got me thinkin again
If I take my own life that's suicide
I think about the nights I laid down and cried
I think about the brothers who already died
And I took so many drugs now my brain is fried
When I walk through the streets God is my guide
I always try to run but I just can't hide
Won't talk to the preacher cause the preacher lied
I asked for salvation and I was denied
Listen up everybody this is Darryl's song
I'm tryin to figure out what's right and wrong
I'm lookin at the world and do I belong
And like Marvin Gaye said, "What's Going On?"


When I'm alone in my room starin at the wall
I hear all the ghosts walkin in the hall
Voices in the head keep talkin to me
What's fantasy, what's reality
They say go in the kitchen, and grab the knife
Kill the kids, kill the wife
Turn it on yourself and take your own life
And I know, I know, I know that ain't right
But let me tell you somethin it gets deeper than that
I'm lookin for where the Grim Reaper is at
I knocked on his door he said come on in
And by the way you shoulda brought a friend
I said no, it's me, myself and I
And not too many people want to die
I'm sittin in my living room talkin to Death
Tryin to figure out, what I got left

[Chorus - 1/2]

[Interlude: DMC]
Aiyyo man, you see that gun over there man
You need to pick it up and use it on yourself
Nahh nahh I ain't ain't gon' do that
Well then, you should take it outside and
Y'know you got a bullet with everybody's name on it
Ahh let me think about it man, let me just take a walk ah
Yo, who dat comin?

When I left the Grim Reaper, I ran into Christ
He said DMC you could walk on ice
Remember those times that you never fell
God was holdin you up, man couldn't you tell
I kept you cock diesel just like LL
Strong with a "Message" like Melle Mel
When things was bad, you was doin fine
You did a good job of not losin your mind
You even read the bible like a hundred times
The meaning of life is not hard to find
Take a look around, look into yourself
You know where to go when you need help
And all those times you thought you was alone
It was you, yourself and that microphone
So don't give up, keep writin those rhymes
You're makin a way for a better mankind


[ad lib scratches to end]


Come 2gether

[scratching: "DMC"]

Come together, make the world better
Be like Run and D, "Tougher Than Leather"
Choose a charity, give up the cheddar
Fight poverty, make a vendetta
Love mother nature, don't upset her
Let the trees in the rainforest keep gettin wetter
Don't kick the puppy, you better pet her
Don't really need to make the mink into a sweater
Leave the bird alone, don't harm a feather
How do they turn a cow into leather
Like JDL on stage with the meta
Don't got no dough, better be a go-getter
Is that anthrax? Watch out for the letter
Mother Theresa was cool, even though I never met her
I'm not the follower, I be the trendsetter
We can make the world better if we just come together

Come together.. right now, now [3X]
Come together.. right now

[Rev Run]
For all you sucker MC's perpetratin the fraud
It be the Reverend that never been like ever before
Met the devil and I hit him with a left to the jaw
Came together with my fella DMC once more
This ain't back in the day, we're still stackin the pay
and still rockin to Jay, it's okay now
So forever we'll stay, the most superior trey
Hip-Hop hooray, give it away now
So what'chu wanna do? Got a calibre
to make it top dollar, Hollis is the crew
Man I thought you knew
This rap scholar make your momma wanna holla lovin us since '82
Run spittin and gettin a better livin
And I'm winnin by not sinnin or slippin I just kill 'em all
So when the record is spinnin you listen wishin
you was given the decision I'm hittin you with
All y'all


Right now, don't wait for later
Come together, we can make the world greater
Don't be a hater, be a participator
Come together like Will Smith and Jada
Make it happen, be a creator
Rise up just like an elevator
Cross over just like a crossfader
Be nice just like a first grader
I shoulda voted, for Ralph Nader
No chokin like an Oakland Raider
Give life, be an animator
Around the world just like the equator
Let it fly just like an aviator
Spread knowledge, I be the educator
Wait a minute, WAIT A
See you later, alligator


[scratching to end: "DMC"]


Sucka Sucka

[Chorus: DMC]
Keep it real sucka sucka don't lie sucka sucka [4X]
Don't want no fake people in my face no more
Ain't givin fake people handshakes no more
Don't want no fake people in my face no more
Ain't lettin fake people in my space no more

Sucker MC wanna fuck with me
Stupid motherfucker shoulda stuck with D
People wanna know what's up with me
I be eternally like Jay cuts will be
Slick Rick said, "The Ruler's Back"
The other record said, "Return of the Mack"
The movie is called, "Return of the King"
Ain't no MC doin a God damned thing
I really didn't want, to spit like this
But MC's is full of shit and it's makin me sick
The critic wanna write, write about that
It's a crown motherfucker, it's more than a hat
YEAH, I come legit like the Wu-Tang Clan
AND, I come to spit like Public Enemy man
AND, it's from The Roots like the hip-hop band
If I, I got to shoot I got the tool like BLAOW


DMC yo, that's who I be
Same MC since '83
I ain't gon' change, cause I got change
Act real strange cause I got fame
Keep it real yo, I represent the street
Same muh'fucker over Jason's beat
By the way Jay rest in peace
Cause I'ma make sure that we all can eat
So don't try to hand me yo' card
Fuck you and your pussy-ass bodyguard
Don't give a fuck about the fancy car
And the fact that you like buyin out the bar
By the way, who the fuck do they think they are?
Punk executives tryin to act like stars
The bullshit, has got to quit
Cause me and my street soldiers gonna break yo' shit


[DMC - repeat 2X]
Smile in your face and talk and alla that
And when you get the story, it's never exact
They say that you're friends but they really are not
Cause everything that you did, they simply forgot

[Chorus - 1/2]

{Don't lie}

It's gon' be alright
Y'all seen the movie
Jason LIVES!!
We ain't gon' never die!
Can't kill us
Kings for eternity!



[Chorus: female singer + (DMC)]
Goodbye (And I would never ever say)
Goodbye (Yo yo yo yeah, uhh, yeah.. and I would never ever say)
Goodbye (Woo - and I would never ever say)
Bye bye (I gotta, I gotta)

Yo yo, who know the game like me, who seen it change like me
I'm the MC'n O.G. from the N.Y.C.
And I ain't never leave the streets, the ghetto made me conscious
And I've been doin it since you rappin cats was still in diapers
But it seems to me these cats are gettin too big for their britches
And they're barkin up the wrong tree, callin my women bitches
I remember - when we used to rhyme in the park
But things have changed, now they bustin shots after dark
Now that's a shame - these youngsters see me in the streets
Ask me O.G. how you do it make it seem like nothin to it
Well I never lost a dream, the hustle's still inside of me
And never even departed me, this rap shit didn't father me
I gave birth to a lot of MC's on this earth
But they're too blind to recognize the truth and it hurts
What would you do if I said goodbye and watched the game crumble
But believe me, they tease me, this rap shit needs me

[Chorus minus some ad libs]

I see you, Lil Mizzo
Tell you somethin, check it

[Lil Mizzo]
Aiyyo I never leave the game, how could I
When there's so much to accomplish than bein broke and stuck in the projects
Come through in a green M-3, niggaz dickridin
Like "Damn, how he do a song with DMC?"
Don't worry about it, just know I'm in the game now
He was such a cute kid, why he sellin cocaine now
But struggling’s past tense, I'm rappin now, bought myself a house
with a swimming pool, backyard and a glass fence
There's no time for celebration, mind elevation
If you ain't searchin for money what the hell are you chasin?
Go against ICU I'll put this barrel to your back
You know who this is, Lil Mizzo and Darryl Mack
I been a man since I got in the hood, flow so much niggaz get jealous
Like I can't stand when he drop his hood
How could you not respect Run-D.M.C.
For bein the first rappers to get they handprints in Hollywood
They deserve the respect of a legend, and I'm tryin hard
I can be the best rapper in less than a second
I'm takin over the industry, everybody knows us
I'm only 17 but my mind is all grown up, so whassup

[Chorus - same as before]

I would never leave the game my people love me too much
Because rap is my baby and I watched it grow up
Man I'm still here breathin, my eyes seein
That these rapper cats deceivin, so don't believe 'em
They got the nerve to rap about cars and iced out jewels
Man you rented it from Jacob you ain't foolin me or schoolin D
On how to MC, I be the pick of the litter
I've been in the game many years but I'll still spit a winner
Champ my people from the streets in Queens know I'm a hitter
Knockin balls out the park, gettin physically fitter
Don't duck too slow and don't jump too fast
I roll with young soldiers who put a foot in your ass
They be the new sensation, the next generation
Hollis Queens, Dirty Jersey, California situation
If I kiss the game goodbye, before I leave
I would go and fix some fake MC's, I'm signin out DMC

[Chorus - same as before]